Pinocchio, The gipsy Hood

A new interior at Residenze Hadid, City Life in Milan, is almost completed.  Pictures and drawings are coming soon! AG's new design realized by Borghi Arredi, Cantù: Pinocchio, the Gipsy hood. A customized Faber Hood: a standard steel hood modified and gilded mounted on a black glass. 

Round Blur at Biennale di Venezia

The Round Blur (project for a roundabout in Turin made with 2a+p/nicole fvr in 2005) will be part of Innesti/grafting Innesti Un paesaggio contemporaneo at Padiglione Italia, Tese delle Vergini all’Arsenale, Biennale di Venezia.

The official opening will be June, the 6th 2014.

Design for a flat renovation in Finale Ligure

Together with Tommaso Arcangioli Architect AG has recently unveiled the project for a flat renovation in Finale Ligure.
Thanks to large foldable and sliding panels, the flat has been conceived to be as much flexible as possible.
The holiday flat becomes small, medium or large depending on the number of guests there are.
We are proud to have designed a three gradations of 5x5 blue mosaic floor to resemble a seascape in the flat.

Multi colour swan garden

Today AG has written to London's Mayor about the idea for a colourful barclay's parking bay.
Inspired by a few "yellow Tour de France bikes" seen recently in London, he is suggesting a "rainbow coloured parking bay". 
The bike-sharing users would choose their favourite colour depending on their mood. 
It would be possible even to see a rainbow moving in the street as well as the Endless random combination of colours either parked or in movement.
Fingers crossed, looking forward to see a multi-coloured swan garden in London!


Castrum: architectural short movie.
Project by: 2a+p and AG
duration:6:38 mins
In 2009 together with 2a+p architects we conceived and produced the video Castrum
Opinions, ideas, projects: Let's share!

January, Here we are again

"January, here we are again" is part of the One-Off collection.
A consideration about nowadays relationship with "purchasing".
Two different ways of communications has been explored so far.

Sticker Technique: adhesive print, limited edition of 50.
dims:180x180 mm
for informations:

Technique: multilayered red isolant tape vertical stripes on fume' glass. unframed.
Available on floor pedestal.
dimensions: 400x400 mm
for informations:

5 minutes stoppage time, video by 2A+P/A, TSPOON and Angelo Grasso

We are glad to present 5 minutes stoppage time. A chance to rethink urban growth a video research made with  2A+P/A and TSPOON commissioned by the Italian Pavilion at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice and displayed in Re-Made in Italy section. Visit  2A+P/A channel for watching the italian version and the previous video productions.


5 minutes stoppage time. A chance to rethink urban growth

Today, Italy is facing a major challenge: rethinking development and urban growth. 
The video explores through the analysis and processing of critical data, the phenomenon of land consumption and possible strategies for its containment.

Video: 2A+P/A (Gianfranco Bombaci e Matteo Costanzo), Angelo Grasso, TSPOON (Nina Artioli, Alessandra Glorialanza, Eliana Saracino)

Research and illustrations: Gabriele Acciai, Giulia Gabellini, Consuelo Nuñez Ciuffa, Francesco Pizzorusso, Roberta Serra

Animation and editing: Claudio Esposito

Sound design: Procreate Lab

More than a light, more than a game. Evoluzione Light

We are proud to have taken part in AF-Designs Stand at Tent 2012 with Evoluzione Light, a project conceived and manifactured with Andrea Felice

Evoluzione Light (stand at Tent 2012)

AF-Designs Stand at Tent 2012

Evoluzione Light (ceiling light version)

Evoluzione Light, the ceiling light version

Evoluzione Light (tower)

Evoluzione Light, the tower of light.

13th Venice Biennale - Italian Pavilion

Video by 2a+p/A with Tspoon and AG
Duration: 8 mins duration

Together with 2a+p/A and Tspoon we  have produced the  video research on land consumption and soil sealing in Italy. 
Italian Pavillion of the 13th Architecture Venice Biennale
Opening August 28th at 5.00 p.m.
From August 29th to November 25th 2012 at Tesa delle Vergini, Arsenale. 
Soon available on Youtube channel.

Evoluzione Light

We are glad to announce that Evoluzione Light, the design project conceived and manifactured with
Andrea Felice (AF Designs) is on designpotter!

Designer: Andrea felice and Angelo Grasso
Manifacturer: Andrea Felice - AF Designs
Inspired by: Buckminster Fuller
Material: Wood, Perspex, Led Light
Colours: Natural Wood, Clear & Luminated
Dimensions: 240mm as a tower
Price: POA

Bauhaus Museum, Weimar

This is the proposal for the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar.

Design team: Domenico Cannistraci, Angelo Grasso, Eliana Mangione, Matteo Morlacchetti
Type: International Calls for Ideas
Location: Weimar

The visit at the new Bauhaus Museum starts with a walk in the woods where the building is immersed in.Starting from the lesson of the Bauhaus, the Museum is thought as a big workshop, where all the educational and entertaining functions are connected in a continuous space. The building is conceived like a circular compact volume in order to reduce energy supply.The entrance of the museum is located on the south side of its core, and after a walk under the large overhang, the visitors enter the foyer. From the foyer you can accede directly to most of the public functions of the museum. Via a big ramp, that climbs the core, you reach the first floor, where the exhibition main space is to be found. The exhibition path is a spiral which develops itself around the building’s core; meanwhile at the first floor, the viewable depots are located along a path that goes across the circular plan. The core, made out of concrete, is the thermal mass element which provides "inertia" against temperature fluctuations and, at the same time, hosting the stairs creates a chimney for ventilation. On the top floor of the building you find both the offices and the Café that has a terrace looking over the woods.The Café is conceived like a green house, meanwhile the office’s roof is covered by photovoltaic energy supply panels. 


One-off is a collection of one-off artworks conceived and entirely realized by Angelo Grasso. 
Jokes (even mistakes) can capture our eyes just for a few minutes and make us think about. 
This is the message.
More artworks are going to be posted in the next months and uploaded in ONE OFF page.

“Any resemblance to real events and/or to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental”. 2011
Technique: high glossy black stencil on yellow emulsion mounted on 50 mm plasterboard frame. 
dims 90x60 cm. 
Price POA.
Contact/ To purchase:

The White House,ops it is just a flat! SW10 London

We have recently delivered a flat renovation in SW10 in team with Edilco LTD and AF-Designs.
Some photos below:

Typology: Private commission
Architect: Angelo Grasso
Contractor: Edilco LTD
Bespoke furniture: AF-Designs
Flat Area: 42 sqm

POT or Top

Pot or Top. Design for a living table
Patented by : Angelo Grasso and Paolo Fisicaro
Designer: Angelo Grasso
Landscaper designer: Paolo Fisicaro
for further informations visit the Pot or Top dedicated page: Pot or Top

OGIP, proposal for The Olympic Games Information Pavilion, London. ACCA competition

Design team: Domenico Cannistraci, Angelo Grasso
Type: International Calls for Ideas
Location: London
Area of the Pavilion: 100 sqm

Together with Domenico Cannistraci Architect we have partecipated to Acca Competition, an international call for designing the Informations Pavilion during the next Olympic Games at Trafalgar Square in London.

Following some informations about the project:

The Olympic Games Information Pavilion embraces both the visitors with the Londoners during the Games.
The OGIP creates a public space into the public square, this by overlaying a monumental square.
The OGIPlands on the hearth of London and uses the natural pavement of the Square as its indoor floor.
The functions are lined up in a transparent horizontal sequence describing an intimate courtyard.

This see-through basement spaced out by shining gold silver and brass wired curtains is sorrounded by the vertical vibration of the roof which hosts all the suspended equipments togheter with the b-side screen visible from the court as well as from the Trafalgar Square stairs.
The roof reproduces indeed the Mews scenario, inviting the visitors to discover the Olympic Games in a space in between local tradition and contemporary architecture.

Welcome to the Olympic Games.

Trichrome Art Gallery in Fulham road, London

AG is delighted to report a text just recieved from Trichrome Art Gallery

"It has been an extremely challenging experience because of the incredibly restricted budget we imposed ourselves.
So we decided to start up a process of coworking with architect Angelo Grasso trying to recycle any bit found in the existing space and trying to turn the gallery into an illustration itself, mainly by using the stencil art, one of the cheapest ways of expression.
Angelo Grasso suggested to overlay a geometrical pattern on both floors to enhance the hand drawing art of illustrations.
The black stripe at the groundfloor visible from large distance hosts the artworks and can be reconfigurated for any exhibition as the curators and the artists like.The hand by David Graham pierces the black paper and invites the visitors from outside to get in.
In the basement the red staircase seems to get birth from the endless red line of the Stencil Work "Gray will never end".
David Graham and Antonella Cino, managers of Trichrome Art Gallery London. 

Design team: Angelo Grasso
Type: Commission
Location:Fulham, London
Area of the Gallery: approximately 45 sqm

Basement: Stencil " the Gray will never end" design by Angelo Grasso

Ground-floor: the black book. A possible installation layout. Stencil by David Graham.

Flat in SW3, London

Here some pictures of a flat we did in SW3 in London.

Architect: Angelo Grasso
General Contractor: Edilco Limited
Furniture: AF Designs
Area: 90 sqm

The demolition showed up an interesting prefabricated concrete structure, indicating a new spatial disposition and lighting advices for the living room. The really weird thing was that the vertical partition just touched the bottom of the beams.
This the reason to enhance this character of the space enriching all the beams with deamerable lights.

The corridor partecipates to the ceiling rhythm with a sequence of vertical coloured stripes. 

I have been asked to create an artwork on the existing door cabinet set. Together with the clients we decided to get inspirated by a Gio Ponti wall drawing contaminating it with the mat gray and the glossy red colours crossed by stripes.

Design: Angelo Grasso 
Coating: M.Cozari, A Grasso

I have been asked to create a coloumn for a "dangerous corner" between two units I have designed for a room. Together with AF-designs we conceived this lamp instead.
A parallelepiped with circular holes is laying on a black base hiding a jewel box too.

The unit for the masterbedroom hides secret spaces and functions. At the same time its superglossy petrol colour reflects the view of London roofs.